Single Sign-On

Vertafore Single Sign-On (VSSO) is a feature where users sign on to multiple Vertafore applications at one time using an email address and password. VSSO also applies if you have multiple agencies. A user can leave one agency and open the other without signing off and on again. This feature helps to streamline your workflow and eliminates the need to remember multiple user names and passwords.

We recommend using the VSSO Administrator Console to give users VSSO access. For more information click here.

Use this form to see unregistered, registered, and pending VSSO accounts.

Key Fields

CheckboxesUse to Select or Clear users for Single Sign-On.
Single Sign-on

Shows whether the user is:

  • Unregistered - Not yet authorized to create a Single Sign-On account.
  • Registered - User has created a Single Sign-On account.
  • Pending - Authorized to create a Single Sign-On account, but the user has not yet completed the Single Sign-On setup to create an account.

Vertafore Single Sign-On Administrator Console

The VSSO Administrator has many responsibilities. For more information see Vertafore Single Sign-On Help here.



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