Form Letters

Form Letters combines the power of the AMS360 database and Microsoft® Word to create customized letters for corresponding with companies, customers, lienholders, mortgagees, and others. You save time because information such as customer names and addresses, policy numbers and dates, and claims information from AMS360 merge with the form letter main document creating a personalized letter.

You can also use Form Letters to market a product or service to a group of suspects, prospects, or customers that you have identified using Target Lists in the Sales Center.

Special Information for policies that contain both scheduled and unscheduled equipment associated with multiple locations:
If you choose to merge data for one location using the Form Letter Preview— Data Selection, your merged document will contain scheduled and unscheduled items for all locations. Delete the information you do not want to include in the final merged document.

What's Next?

Do you want to add a new form letter to the library? See Document Library.

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