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There are several ways to access Help in AMS360. Most of the time you can find the information you need in the Online Help system. Other options for obtaining help include, Vertafore Support, (which includes Live Chat ), Additional Support Resources and the NetVu (User Group. See below for more information.

Help is always available wherever you are within AMS360. When you select Help from the main AMS360 banner, the Help Home Page displays. This page is the portal to the entire Help system. From the Help Home page, you can select a link to frequently-used Help topics, or use the Search features to find Help on a specific subject.

You can access the online Help system from any center or data entry form.

From a Center

  • Click the Help link in the upper right-hand corner above the name of your agency, next to exit, to access the Help Home page.
  • Click the "question mark" icon, where available, to access Help specific to the page you are viewing.

From a data entry form

  • Select Help from the menu to open the Help Home page.
  • Press F1 on your keyboard to open Help specific to that form.

Other options

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