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Logging a Case at My Vertafore

Vertafore Customer Care is available 8AM to 8PM EST Monday through Friday. These trained professionals can answer questions about or resolve issues with InStar. Search solutions or log a case online for a Customer Care Representative to contact you at My Vertafore.

Use the following instructions to log a case:

  1. Go to the Vertafore Customer Care web site at My Vertafore.

  2. Log in by entering your User ID (customer ID) and Password, which is case sensitive. Click Sign In.

  1. Click Create New Case. The Create Case form appears.

Make sure that your contact information is correct. If not, click Edit Contact Detail and make corrections.

  1. Choose your Product, Problem Type, and Priority.

The available Problem Types are filtered by the Product you select.

  1. Type a brief title for your question or issue in the Summary field.

  2. In the Details field, enter a full description of your question or issue. Be sure to include the following:

  1. You can also attach a file to your case if you have a screen capture or example that helps explain the issue. Click Attach a File and Browse for your file. After locating your file and selecting it click Upload. The upload occurs and you return to the Create Case form.

If you find that you have attached the wrong file, clickDelete.

  1. Click Submit or Submit and Search Solutions. Submit and Search Solutions enters the case in the support queue and gives you the opportunity to search the Solutions Knowledge Base.

  2. After submitting the case, Vertafore suggests you write down the case number, as you'll be asked for it if you contact Customer Care with further questions.