Workstation Setup (VSSO)

In the steps that follow, we show you how to setup a workstation using Vertafore Single Sign On (VSSO).

Log on to PL Rating

  1. Click Sign in with Vertafore Single Sign-On or click the link in your Vertafore Single Sign On email.
  2. On the PL Rating Workstation Setup page, you can review the changes that installation will apply to the workstation. Click more… for a detailed explanation of each change:
    1. Add PL Rating as a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge (not needed for Chrome).
    2. Alter the Trusted Site settings in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, if needed.
    3. Alter Internet Explorer settings, if needed.

All internet browser pages will close. Be sure to save your work before you click Install.

  1. Click Install.
  2. A message appears informing you that PL Rating will close and relaunch once the setup is complete. Click OK.
  3. For Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge users, go to the File Download page and click Run. For Chrome users, open and click Install.
  4. For Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge users, if prompted, click Run again to install the software.

After the installation completes, all Internet Explorer pages close. PL Rating will relaunch after a moment and the program will appear.



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