Bank Reconciliation Enhancements

Note: This update represents only a portion of the AMS360 23R2 release. Please navigate to AMS360 2023 R2 Release Notes to review other enhancements and fixes that were part of this release.

The following enhancements have been made to the existing bank reconciliation statement:

  • Larger open- and cleared item grids

  • Show drop-down moved above grids

  • Additional transaction types added in the show drop-down to provide users with more detailed filtering options

  • Addition of an "undo last" button to reverse the last performed action in the open items to clear the section

  • Addition of a "new journal entry" button to replace both the service charge and the interest earned sections and adjust hyperlink

  • Ability to highlight multiple transactions at the same time

  • Required minimum width implemented for statements

  • Addition of a bank date column to identify matched transactions (see Bank Transactions)

  • Last transaction updated in both open- and cleared items grids remain highlighted

  • Removed text from open items to clear action menu, replacing it with hover-over text for a more modern appearance.


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