AMS360 2023 R2 Release Notes

We are pleased to release AMS360 2023 R2. With each release, we are improving and updating AMS360 to provide you with the best possible experience.

What's New

Major Enhancements

IDEAS That Are Now Features Customer IDEAS Portal



Bank Transaction - Bank Reconciliation

A new view will enable the importation of bank transactions (downloaded to a .csv file) and it will auto-match some of the bank statement payments and/or deposits to accounting transactions. The user can confirm suggested matches and will manually match others to AMS360 payments and deposits. This process will update the Bank Reconciliation Statement to show these matched items as "Cleared." Enhanced options include: filter by search or type; delete rows; and create a receipt/deposit. In addition, the Overview will show the bank balance that includes daily cleared items.

Bank Reconciliation Enhancements

Multiple enhancements have been made to the existing bank reconciliation statement, including larger item grids, additional transaction types in the drop-down menu(s), a new journal entry button, and the addition of a bank date column to identify matched transactions.

Multiple IVANS Accounts for Single Database ID

Agencies that operate with multiple live AMS360 databases can now add multiple IVANS mailboxes in their primary and non-primary databases. All agencies can add multiple IVANS accounts per business unit, and it is not necessary to create new business units solely for the download setup.

My Expiring Policies / Renewal List Tool (Company View)

Two new columns have been added to each view, where users can now see Parent Company and Writing Company information. Prior to this release, when users viewed My Renewal Lists or My Expiring Policies, the list did not show this material.

Other Major Enhancements


CSS: Update Left Navigation Default Color

To improve visual consistency, the page link color on the left navigation bar has been updated to match the color of the navigation headers.

Check Register Report: Exclude Pending Checks

Users now have the option to exclude pending checks from the Check Register report.

Account Current / Commission Payable Statement Link

An approving user can now open and review corresponding statements from the existing winform.

Post & Print for Check Approver

Prior to this release, if an agency employed the Check Approval feature, a user with approver security was unable to "Post & Print" a check during the approval process and needed to use the Check Report to do so afterward. With this release, a check approver can Post & Print a check as part of the approval process.

ACORD Form Additions & Updates

Multiple ACORD forms have been updated with more recent forms. Here is the list:

  • ACORD 84 (2016/11)

  • ACORD 84NV (2022/01)

  • ACORD 84NY (2022/02)

  • ACORD 83NV (2022/01)

  • ACORD 85 (2016/11)

  • ACORD 90WA — Without Credit (2021/06)

  • ACORD90WA — With Credit (2016-12)

ACORD 25 Mapping

With this release, the ACORD 25 certificate populates differently than its previous version.

EMS Security Mask: Customer Activity

In earlier versions of AMS360, EMS activity endpoints with invalid Customer or Policy IDs returned a "403 Forbidden" page with the message, "No customer or policy can be found with the arguments provided."

Now, any EMS activity with invalid Customer or Policy IDs will deliver a "404 Not Found" page with the message, "Customer or policy cannot be found."

This change affects the following endpoints:

  • GET activity

  • GET activity/attachment-info

  • GET activity/attachment-data

  • POST activities/attachment

  • POST activity

  • POST activity/attachment

  • POST activity/claim

  • POST activity/comment

  • POST activity/customer

  • POST activity/customer/search

  • POST ivans/edocs/activity

EMS Endpoints for Notification Setup and Blocked Notifications

This feature has EMS endpoint no changes visible to the user in 23R2.

EMS: Business Unit for Policy or Invoice (ePay)

With this product enhancement, payment vendors can tell the business unit of an invoice to route the payment to the correct business unit. The EMS endpoint POST invoices now adds the business units of the invoice, which includes these four business unit elements: Division; Branch; Department; Group.

Changes to Outbound Notification Service (ONS)

AMS360 activity notifications will now be send only if that type of notification is configured to be sent. As a result, unneeded notifications will not clog up the partner software.

Update Certificate Holder Report to Include Additional Columns

CSV Report: ALL holders should show in report - certificates with more than one holder should show all holders rows (test > 4) and all certificates with holders should sho

Classic report called the Certificate Holders report for the CSV version, add the following columns to the .csv output of the report following the last column (in the order shown below):

  • WOS – Garage = Y/N (Waiver of Subrogation)

  • WOS – Garage Keepers = Y/N

  • Add’l Ins – GL = Y/N

  • Add’l Ins – Auto= Y/N

  • Add’l Ins – Garage = Y/N

  • Add’l Ins – Garage Keepers = Y/N

  • Add’l Ins – Excess = Y/N

  • Add’l Ins – Other = Y/N

  • Job #

  • Job Type

  • Project End Date

  • Licensed

  • Bonded

  • Changed By

Database Design Guide Updates

The following Database Design Guides have received updates:

  • 22R1

  • 23R1 SiteDB

  • 23R1

Improved AMS360 Performance Scalability

With this release, the following issues have been resolved:

  • pqs_CustomerByCustId is timing out

  • Applied Services CSR24 causes blocking issues - Is Missing Index

  • Stored proc: sps_GLTForGJRegister is Missing index on AFW_GeneralLedgerTransaction

Check Approval: "Country" Added

Within "Check Approval," "Country" is now added to the Check View form as well as to the Classic Check Register CSV report.

Bank Transactions API This release provides new API endpoints for bank transactions.




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