Multiple IVANS Accounts for Single Database ID

Note: This update represents only a portion of the AMS360 23R2 release. Please navigate to AMS360 2023 R2 Release Notes to review other enhancements and fixes that were part of this release.

Agencies that operate with multiple live AMS360 databases can now add multiple IVANS mailboxes in their primary and non-primary databases. All agencies can add multiple IVANS accounts per business unit, and it is not necessary to create new business units solely for the download setup.

  1. Access Administration Center > General > Download Setup

  2. Review the general download settings at the top of the Download Setup screen for accuracy. The settings include:

    1. IVANS Account # is based on: Agency, Division, Branch, or Department

      NOTE: Multiple IVANS accounts can now be set up at any single business unit level or at the agency level.

    2. Download Nightly: Enables or disables nightly IVANS pickup. When not selected, no automatic download sessions will occur.

    3. IVANS Machine Address: This field may be left blank unless participant code is used.

    4. Participant Code: Only used by agencies receiving downloads from a single IVANS mailbox into multiple AMS360 databases.

  3. In the bottom part of the Download Setup screen, IVANS mailboxes are displayed in the grid. Options (left-to-right) include:

    1. Checkbox to select row(s): Used to enable, disable or delete multiple rows

    2. Enabled: When selected, the IVANS mailbox is included in the nightly download

    3. Mailbox Name (Optional): Ability to enter a unique name for each IVANS mailbox

    4. Business Unit: Options are based on the "IVANS Account # based on" setting

    5. IVANS Account #

    6. IVANS User ID

    7. IVANS Password

    8. Status: Displays a message when IVANS Mailbox credentials are invalid.

      NOTE: Credentials are only validated when Enabled is selected. If invalid credentials are saved three times, the IVANS account will lock**

    9. Actions: Allows edits to existing rows

  4. To add a new IVANS account, click the "New Mailbox" button.

  5. In the New Mailbox form, enter the IVANS mailbox details

    NOTE: If the Enabled is not selected, the credentials will be saved, but are not validated for accuracy and the mailbox will not be included in the nightly download session

  6. Click “Add” button to save

  7. All enabled mailboxes with validated credentials will be processed automatically during the nightly download session when "Download Nightly Pickup" is enabled.


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